Onclusive at the PR WEEK Awards 2023




PR WEEK Awards 2023

The PR Week Awards 2023 was an unforgettable night, brimming with creativity, innovation, and a deep appreciation for the power of public relations and communications. Onclusive had the privilege of presenting the ‘Best Use of Planning Strategy and Evaluation’ award at this prestigious event.


Recognising Excellence

The winner of the ‘Best Use of Planning Strategy and Innovation’ award was The Academy. They were applauded for their remarkable work in transforming Holland & Barrett’s stores and website into health and wellness hubs for women. This achievement was nothing short of transformative, setting a high bar for innovation in our industry.


A Stellar Lineup

In addition to The Academy, we extend our hearty congratulations to the talented finalists who demonstrated exceptional prowess in the field:

  1. ‘A Catalyst for Action to Improve Women’s Health’ by Brands2Life for Hologic
  2. ‘Menopause Monologues’ by Ogilvy/The Pharm for Boots UK
  3. ‘Read Between the Lines’ by Help for Heroes
  4. ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ by Shook for UK for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency Charity

These finalists showcased creativity, strategic thinking, and a commitment to driving change in their respective projects. The diversity of their approaches is a testament to the innovation thriving in the world of PR and communications.


Highly Commended

Let’s not forget to acknowledge the fantastic ‘Highly Commended’ mention that went to ‘The No-Bounty Celebrations Tub’ by Taylor Herring and Mars Wrigley. Their noteworthy contribution certainly deserves recognition.


Celebrating Excellence

The PR Week Awards 2023 was a celebration of excellence in PR and communications. It was a privilege to be part of an event that recognizes and applauds the dedication, creativity, and innovation that drive our industry forward.

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