Unveiling Insights: Q4 2023 CEO Index Report – UK Focus




In the ever-evolving landscape of business leadership, the CEO Index Quarterly Report casts light on the influential figures shaping industries and narratives. In this latest edition covering Q4 2023 , we  uncover compelling insights into the performance and impact of CEOs in top-tier media publications.


Understanding the CEO Index

The CEO Index, curated by Onclusive, serves a vital purpose: to compare profiles of CEOs in leading media publications and gauge the profound impact they’re making. This comprehensive analysis spans multiple indices, including the US Fortune 100, UK FTSE 100, French CAC 40, German DAX 30, Swiss SMI 30, Spanish IBEX 35, Italian IT 40, and Irish Euronext Dublin 20. The meticulous methodology involves tracking media coverage across the top 165 online news outlets, newspapers, and business magazines in the US and Europe, updated monthly.


An innovative impact scoring system, ranging from -10 to 10, is applied to each CEO mention, considering factors such as media source reach and authority, prominence within articles, sentiment, and social amplification. The report categorizes all mentions under key topics like financial performance, leadership, sustainability, innovation, and regulation, offering a holistic view of CEO narratives.


UK Focus: Unveiling Noteworthy Leadership

As we dive into the insights provided by the CEO Index Quarterly Report, the UK takes center stage with notable CEOs leaving a lasting imprint on the media landscape.


  • William Ackman – Pershing Square Holdings: High levels of conversation surround William Ackman of Pershing Square Holdings following a post on X about pro-Palestine protests at Harvard University, a significant donor to the institution. Ackman’s warning of a potential “donor exodus” sparks discussions on philanthropy, societal issues, and the intricate balance between personal beliefs and corporate affiliations.


  • Tufan Erginbilgic – Rolls-Royce Holdings: Under the leadership of Tufan Erginbilgic, Rolls-Royce Holdings emerges with a stellar Q3 performance and strategic plans to save £500m through job cuts. The company’s high-profile deal with Airbus adds to the narrative, showcasing resilience and strategic vision in the aviation sector.


  • Margherita Della Valle – Vodafone: Margherita Della Valle, steering Vodafone, plays a pivotal role as the €5bn sale of Vodafone’s Spanish business takes center stage. Media attention also focuses on the proposed merger of Italian operations with France’s Iliad Group, a €10.5bn deal that could reshape the mobile operator landscape. Opinions on stock selling and cash returns to shareholders add depth to discussions around shareholder value.


Unlock the Full Insights

The CEO Index Quarterly Report offers a deep dive into the intricate world of CEO influence, sector dynamics, and global impact. For a comprehensive understanding of the narratives shaping industries, we invite you to access the full report. Click here to download your copy and gain unparalleled insights into the leadership landscape.

Stay tuned for more revelations and analyses in subsequent editions as we continue to unravel the stories behind the headlines.