Cafeyn – Rich insight into potential audiences to inform rebranding and communication campaign




The challenge

In 2019, online newspaper and magazine distribution platform LeKiosk created a new brand identity ‘Cafeyn’. To build demand for online newspapers and magazines, the company needed a data-led approach to devise a targeted and efficient media campaign with a competitive edge.


Our approach

We used media consumption data from TGI Consumer Data survey to enrich Cafeyn’s knowledge of its potential audiences, providing them with:

  • A quantification of the potential subscribers to Cafeyn’s online newspaper and magazine offer;
  • A segmentation of this audience into typological groups, to identify groups most likely to be receptive to Cafeyn’s offer.
  • A detailed analysis of media and creative preferences of these audiences to inform messaging and execution.
  • A profile of the media consumption habits of key audiences to optimise the mix of media platforms and properties across paid, owned and earned channels.


The insight

Our recommendations and analysis enabled Cafeyn to achieve its campaign objectives including identifying the top two key audiences for the brand to engage, and providing insight into these audiences to inform message and branding development.

Cafeyn was also able to optimise its media plans with the optimal mix of paid, earned and owned activity, accurately targeting the audiences based on the media preferences provided by Onclusive research data.


The impact

Using Onclusive insight, the Cafeyn team was able to target audiences at a granular level based on their behaviour, thereby maximising impact and efficiency.

Cafeyn achieved a 31% increase in new subscribers and a 55% increase in active daily users following the PR and advertising campaign.

The work won two awards at AMEC 2020:

  • Gold award: most effective planning, research & evaluation
  • Silver award: most effective planning research & evaluation in consumer communications

Client testimonial:
“On top of the campaign’s metrics, the success of the launch can be measured by the continued response to Cafeyn’s message: audience feedback is really positive and the brand has relevance and impact”
Ombline De Coriolis Chief Marketing Officer, Cafeyn