KPMG Uses Data-Driven Insights to Support Strategic & Commercial Objectives & Improve Stakeholder Communication to Drive Reputation




About KPMG

KPMG is one of the UK’s largest audit, tax, and advisory firms. It faces the same reputational challenges as the rest of the “Big Four” in its industry due to the dominance of the audit landscape, potential conflicts of interest across audit and advisory, and a perceived lack of transparency (as they’re not publicly listed). So, effective communication is vital when speaking to their audiences of senior business leaders, regulators, and economists.  

KPMG’s Strategic Communications team turned to Onclusive to help them proactively support the firm’s strategic and commercial objectives while protecting its reputation. 

This success story shows how KPMG integrated Onclusive’s award-winning Insights and Consultancy service to: 

  • Develop a single source of truth for understanding and measuring stakeholder sentiment about the organisation, key industry topics, and their competitors, 
  • Proactively plan and measure campaigns for priority stakeholder groups, 
  • Align reporting to its strategic vision and reputation strategy,  
  • Show direct progress it is making against its reputation strategy, 
  • Understand what campaigns and message land well with different stakeholder groups and what issues need to be addressed. 

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