Insights on KPMG’s sentiment among key stakeholders to support strategic and commercial objectives and drive reputation




KMPG and Onclusive


KPMG is one of the UK’s largest audit, tax and advisory firms. They face the same reputational challenges as the rest of the “Big Four”, arising from the dominance of the audit landscape, potential conflicts of interest across audit and advisory and, as they are not public ally listed, a perceived lack of transparency. Communications is absolutely pivotal in speaking to KPMG’s audience of senior business leaders, regulators and economists, articulating complex messaging and differentiating KPMG’s position from their peers.


Objectives & Challenges

KPMG’s Strategic Communications team counsel asked the Executive Committee on how communications can support the firm’s strategic and commercial objectives and protect its reputation. They faced a challenge: they had plenty of data, including media analysis and public affairs tracking, but information was disjointed. The team needed a single, cohesive reputation and sentiment tracker to integrate the sentiment of multiple external stakeholder groups.


Our Strategy

Onclusive worked closely with KPMG’s Strategic Communications team to design a research solution which would allow them to take a longer-term approach to managing KPMG’s reputation across all stakeholder groups, to plan and measure integrated campaigns and to track key themes they wanted to proactively push out into the market. Onclusive and KPMG agreed a “panel” of commentators to represent the opinions of each stakeholder group, bringing in content from mainstream and social media.

Outcomes & Client Benefits

KPMG wanted to make decisions based on data. Often, the views of internal audiences are shaped by what they read, so we wanted to be able to show a more evidence-based view of our reputation with difference audience groups. Working with Onclusive, KPMG was able to align reporting to its strategic vision and reputation strategy and it’s a key tool for KPMG to show the progress it is making against that strategy – what’s working and what needs to be addressed.

This project was awarded at the AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards.

Onclusive AMEC Awards Winner 2022
Onclusive AMEC Awards Winner 2022


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The report forms a key part of our monthly Executive Committee and Board management information packs. We appreciate Onclusive working closely with us to ensure we meet these deadlines and showing flexibility, adapting the work ongoing in response to feedback and changing business needs. The rich insights help us prioritise which activities to push with different stakeholders and get ahead of any upcoming negative issues.”

Amy Tiernan, Head of Strategic Communications, KPMG