Network Rail: A Decade of Excellence in British Transport Press Operations




Unveiling the Formula for Consistent, Quality, & Responsive Services Across a Diverse Team

Owning, repairing, and developing 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, and managing 20 major stations across the UK, Network Rail is the backbone of Britain’s rail infrastructure. 

The organisation has a national and regional media team of 20 people, spanning across eight UK locations including Glasgow, Cardiff, and London.   



The media operation is devolved; the national team handles national and trade press, and regional teams manage local media relations. This means that a seamless, unified press office approach is essential to ensure quality service consistency, avoid duplication, and to best manage relationships with key journalists.  



When it came to delivering a first-class press office operation, Network Rail’s media team faced several challenges:   


  • Lack of consistency in delivering press office services.  
  • Inability to track conversations with journalists. 
  • Poor out-of-hours call handling.  
  • Ineffective monitoring of media enquiries and workload.  
  • No way to measure the impact of the team’s activity.   
  • No way to effectively plan workload and resources.  


Read the full case study to reveal how Network Rail transformed its press office workflow to deliver a timely, accurate, first-rate service to their customers: the British media.   


“Onclusive has proved itself to be an invaluable business partner and a key plank in delivering a consistent, quality, and responsive press office operation across a geographically diverse team.”  

Head of Media, Corporate Communications, Network Rail


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