Proving Communications Value with Robust Measurement & Analysis




Earth From Spce

Your Guide to simplifying PR data- analytics, and how it can support your measurement journey


Proving the value of your PR efforts has never been more difficult for comms teams. You’re tasked with delivering tangible insights that define, track, and prove the success of your strategies and campaigns against corporate objectives. But how do you build a strong measurement strategy?


In recognition of AMEC Measurement Month, we’ve created a 101 guide to simplify PR data-analytics and support your measurement journey today.


We cover:

  • Managing brand reputation in a dynamic social media landscape,
  • How to start your measurement and analysis journey,
  • Which PR measurements to track for reputation management in 2024,
  • How gathering social listening data protects and enhances brand reputation,
  • How to drive stakeholder engagement with data rich insights
  • Using social listening to understand your brand’s reputational health


You’ll also discover the key metrics captured by Onclusive’s Social Listening tool that can immediately enhance your approach to measurement.


Not only will these analytics help you to track the effectiveness of your comms efforts but also give you the knowledge you need to allocate resources and iterate your messaging for more impactful and measurable campaigns.

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