Proving Communications Value with Robust Measurement & Analysis this AMEC Measurement Month




Your Guide to simplifying PR data- analytics, and how it can support your measurement journey

Accurately tracking and evaluating earned media coverage is crucial for PR and comms teams who want to build strong campaigns that resonate and demonstrate a strong ROI. But it can be challenging to attribute specific outcomes directly to PR activities, especially in an environment where multiple factors contribute to overall performance. 


To be successful in proving PR and comms value, you must deliver tangible insights that define, track, and prove the success of your strategies and campaigns against corporate objectives. How do you build a strong measurement strategy that can support this objective? 


In recognition of AMEC Measurement Month, we’ve created a 101 guide to simplify PR and comms measurement. We cover:  

  • How to get started on your measurement & analysis journey 
  • How to build a measurement framework in five steps 
  • Using data rich insights to drive stakeholder engagement and comms strategy 
  • Measuring tactical success and strategic narratives 
  • Proving your impact with social listening 


You’ll also hear directly from our insights experts who share their tips for measurement success. 

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