Owned & Earned Media Reporting

Automated Reporting Templates To Save You Time

Spend Time Strategizing, Not Reporting

Save immense amounts of time by creating standard templates for regular reports which can be refreshed or reused for subsequent reporting cycles. The reporting suite also lends itself to everything from communications team information sharing all the way to executive, board and company-wide presentations.

Beautifully Designed Reports

Deliver beautifully designed external reports to showcase your results in the most visually impactful way

Up To The Minute Reporting

All reports, whether built using pre-defined templates or customized by a user, are refreshed in real-time with the most up-to-date insights everytime they are viewed or downloaded.

Katie Watson VP of Communications, 23andMe
We have also started looking at specific PR initiatives around the launch of a new product offering. In addition to having a clear view into the overall performance of each of these initiatives, we can also see how different outlets and reporters drove different levels of website traffic and actions. With user-friendly reporting functionality from Onclusive, we arrive at these insights in a fraction of the time this used to take and easily share them with our executive team.
Case Study

MobileIron Cuts Reporting Time From Days to Minutes

With global teams and agencies in 6 countries, MobileIron needed a fast, accurate and easy-to-use PR analytics solution to help with reporting and attributing revenue to media coverage. They also needed a solution to evaluate the historical performance of specific publications or media outlets to identify what messaging resonates with that publication’s audience and what the potential website referral traffic will be. They found that Onclusive Analyst was the perfect fit for their communications technology stack.

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