Social Coverage Revealed as Cameron returns to Cabinet




Our Social Coverage Revealed as Cameron returns to Cabinet in a surprising comeback to the political stage taking on the role of Foreign Secretary and joining the House of Lords as Lord Cameron. This unexpected move has triggered a significant response on social media, with users expressing a wide range of opinions, and discussions. Let’s delve into how the online world has reacted to Cameron’s return to the cabinet with our Social Listening tool. 


Social Trends:


Social media is buzzing with a mix of reactions, as shown in the top trending hashtags associated with Cameron’s return. The top hashtags include #davidcameron, #reshuffle, #foreignsecretary, and #brexit, highlighting the key aspects of the announcement. The frequency of these hashtags indicates a substantial online conversation surrounding the former Prime Minister’s return to this prominent political position.


Public Sentiment:


Former Prime Minister David Cameron has made a surprising comeback to the political stage, and. While some users are supportive of Cameron’s return referencing his leadership qualities, others express some criticism, especially in light of his time as Prime Minister. The sentiment seems to be divided, with a slight favour in positive sentiment at 58% in comparison to 42% negative. It seems the public has mixed feelings about Cameron’s re-entry into political life.


Key Topics of Discussion:


Brexit and Foreign Policy:

Unsurprisingly, discussions around #brexit and #foreignpolicy dominate social media conversations. Users are keen to understand how Cameron’s return will impact the country’s foreign relations, particularly in the context of the ongoing Brexit negotiations.


Cabinet Reshuffle:

The hashtag #reshuffle is widely used to discuss the broader implications of the cabinet reshuffle. Users are analysing the changes, expressing opinions on the appointments and replacements made by the government.


David Cameron Mentions:


The sheer volume of  Social Coverage Revealed as Cameron returns to Cabinet , especially volumes of mentions is noteworthy, especially on the day the news of his return broke. The statistics indicate a high level of public engagement, with users actively discussing, sharing, and reacting to the news. The estimated reach of over 30 million suggests that Cameron’s return has not gone unnoticed, with a broad audience participating in the online conversation.




David Cameron’s return to the political scene has triggered a whirlwind of discussions, debates, and reactions across social media. As the online community continues to voice its opinions, it will be interesting to observe how these digital conversations influence public perception and shape the narrative around this unexpected political comeback.