Hart Inc. Uses Social Listening to Manage PR Crises, Inform Content, & Identify Influencers




About Hart Inc.

Hart Inc. is an independent, full-service marketing firm with offices in Toledo and Columbus, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. True to their founding principles, for nearly 60 years Hart’s thinkers, creatives, and builders have been delivering unified brand experiences that engage and empower consumers throughout the customer journey.

Objectives & Challenges

As an agency, Hart Inc. works with numerous clients that deal with various marketing challenges daily, with PR and communications being the most dynamic and evolving. Moreover, COVID-19 has transformed consumer conversations in every industry and gave rise to many trends that are still prevalent today.

Some key trends impacting the PR/Communications realm are:
  • Rethink on the Brand Value of Social Media Channels – Brands have begun to shift social media channels from mere brand extensions to laboratories of experimentation and personable channels of customer service and response.
  • Elevated need for Brand Evangelists and Third-party Validation – The communications weight of the “brand spokesperson” has greatly diminished as consumers seek trusted voices from their curated ecosystems.
  • Increase in Misinformation – This is a major challenge and an ongoing one. Constant misinformation being spread is causing even real news to be perceived as fake in many instances. This is something that needs continuous addressing.

The agency is tasked with addressing these challenges effectively by tracking these trends and monitoring for any new ones that may impact their clients. The agency believes in an integrated and scalable approach to communications for their brands.

Onclusive Social Listening Solution

Hart’s dedicated social team set up keyword and media monitoring on Digimind Social Listening platform to monitor the clients’ brands, their competitors, and key trends impacting their respective industries. This allowed the platform users to conduct daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring of the evolving conversation concerning brand reputation, consumer sentiments, and key influencers, helping identify challenges and opportunities, and even spot potential crisis risks before they escalate, that informed the content and PR/communication strategy for its clients.

Access a Demo

Download the full case study to see how Hart Inc’s Communications teams integrated Onclusive’s social listening tool to:

  • Meet the challenges outlined above,
  • Creating content to feed the newsletters, website, and content marketing for a manufacturing titan,
  • Finding the sources of negativity and shifting the tone for a Governmental Agency,
  • Identifying the right influencers to support a national campaign for a Healthcare organisation.

Download Full Case Study: