Crisis Communications

Be Prepared and Proactive With Real-Time Data.
Understand market trends

Complete, Accurate, Fast

The most critical asset in a time of crisis is information. But the integrity of that information is vital. By tapping into the Onclusive newscrawler database, you will have access to the most complete and accurate digital media set on the planet which can be accessed with a click of a mouse.

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News Alerts

In addition to on-demand access to real-time information through our analytics dashboard, news alerts can be scheduled based on a variety of business rules, including the inclusion of certain keywords, topics, phrases and companies in the media. Don’t wait until it’s too late, crisis communication requires rapid turnaround.

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Track Social Media Engagement

It’s not enough to simply track traditional media outlets, today we need to understand what news is trending across social media. While managing your crisis communications, our social listening analytics monitor conversations about your brand and about your competitors to shape your strategic decision-making. Access direct and indirect brand mentions, keywords and hashtags across all major social media networks and get notified when posts about your brand are about to go viral.

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Inform Your Internal and External Response

Crisis communication strategies need to be designed for both internal stakeholders – employees, teammates, management – as well as a variety of external stakeholders – customers, partners, and of course the media. Our real-time media intelligence provides you with the ability to organize the news into multiple categories, ranging from your company and competitors’ coverage in the media, to how an endless number of topics are trending.

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Track Progress Over Time

Things move fast during a crisis, so it’s important to identify where and when your crisis communications strategies have taken hold and create markers over time that signify your progress. Our solutions help you organize your media coverage by date range as well as group by publication, author, and topic so that you can focus-in on key elements of the news.

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Stay Proactive with Sentiment Analysis

Using Onclusive’s multilingual sentiment analysis capabilities, you can stay ahead of when the tone of conversations about your brand are changing. Monitor sentiment on both earned and social media channels to be proactive rather than reactive in times of crisis.

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quote Liz Walton VP of Marketing, Yext
It is incredibly important for the communications team to have the same level of analytical support and sophistication as the rest of our organization. Leveraging Onclusive’s platform has given us valuable, actionable insights to inform our communications decisions on a global scale.

Crisis Communications: Preparation and Management Essentials

Crisis communications situations require multi-channel rapid response and research so that you can address the circumstance thoughtfully. In times of crisis, response strategy and multi-level approvals can be overwhelming. However, with careful planning and structure, you can put together an effective crisis communications plan, empowering your brand to be proactive rather than reactive and avoid pitfalls.

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