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Building brand reputation in an era of greenwashing backlash

Environmental sustainability has become a central part of corporate planning, comms strategy, and the media landscape. Brands are under growing pressure to publicly communicate the environmental impact they’re making on the planet and people. But as our recent data analysis shows, public and media discussion and scrutiny of this topic is increasing every year, leaving PR and comms pros nervous about how to communicate their environmental sustainability goals and initiatives.


So, a key question that executives and their comms teams are asking is: how do we talk about our environmental plans and initiatives while avoiding greenwashing backlash?


If you’re a comms professional, this whitepaper is for you. Inside you’ll discover:

  • How discussions of greenwashing are evolving – with our latest media analysis.
  • The changing landscape of corporate environmental sustainability and how that’s impacted your roles as comms pros.
  • Best practices to help you successfully communicate your brand’s environmental sustainability and build a strong reputation in an era of increased greenwashing scrutiny.