3 Ways to Gauge Your Competitive Edge with Powerful Media Analysis 




In the dynamic world of PR, comms, and marketing, staying ahead of the competition is key. Understanding how you measure up against your competitors is an important benchmarking exercise that provides actionable intelligence. Here are four ways to leverage media analysis to gauge your brand’s performance and uncover valuable data to gain a competitive edge. 

1.Dive into Sentiment Analysis

Harness the power of media sentiment analysis to gauge how audiences perceive your brand and those of your competitors. Onclusive Social sentiment analysis offers a nuanced understanding of consumer reactions to earned media coverage and media mentions. Positive sentiments show you the strengths to amplify, while negative sentiments highlight areas for improvement. With this, you can begin planning future campaigns that tackle these strengths and weakness head on – either by adapting messaging or moving up a product announcement etc.  

And you don’t just have to take our work for it. In a study by Determ, 46% of PR, Media and Comms pros said they used social listening as a data collection method over he last 12 months. This highlights the significance of monitoring social media conversations to understand public sentiment

For a more informed strategic approach, you should track changing sentiment over the long term with Onclusive Insight. You can then see the impact of your refinements and how other external factors impact the view of your brand.   

When it comes to your owned content, you should also be gathering insights on how your messages are landing with different groups so that you can refine your message and focus on the most relevant stakeholders. Doing all of this helps your campaigns align with consumer sentiments in real-time, ensuring you don’t fall behind your competitors. 

2. Uncover Trending Topics for a Competitive Edge

Remaining relevant means staying ahead of industry trends. Media analysis tools provide real-time data on trending topics and themes within your industry. By identifying what captures audience attention, PR, comms, and marketing pros can align their content strategies with current trends. Onclusive Socials‘ trend analysis allows you to capture trend detection relevant to industries and then track how you rank against those trends in relation to your competitors. This gives you a clearer picture of your market landscape and where you should engage in more trends. 

Position your brand as a thought leader, ensuring that your messaging is not only timely but also resonates with the evolving interests of your target audience.  This is how you build and maintain a competitive edge.

3. Find Benchmark Performance Metrics

Numbers tell a story. Onclusive Insights‘ comprehensive analytics helps you benchmark your performance against competitors. By comparing key metrics, from engagement rates to media mentions, you gain actionable insights into your brand’s standing. Are you outperforming your competition, or is there room for improvement? The data-driven approach to benchmarking equips you with the intelligence needed to refine strategies, capitalise on strengths, and address weaknesses effectively.   

Our Insights consultancy team also analyses media reactions to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and to create benchmarks to assess your own performance. One way we do this is by analysing reactions to your peers and competitors earned coverage, searching for the white space where you can engage on new issues first. Plus we actively seek out risks so you can mitigate the impact of new threats to your reputation. 

Why choose Onclusive Insights? 

Onclusive Insight empowers PR, comms, and marketing pros with robust service for comprehensive media analysis. From sentiment analysis to benchmarking performance metrics, Onclusive Insights provides the data you need for strategic decision-making. Our tool uses the power of AI technology to access and convert large, unstructured datasets into a single source of valuable information. This makes viewing and sharing your data insights with internal stakeholders easier. 

We also have Insights Consultants who work with you to develop a brief that’s aligned to your needs. We draw data from multiple sources, including customer satisfaction, brand equity tracking, employee satisfaction and publicly available content (including mainstream media, social media, review sites, parliamentary records and industry reports). 

With further human analysis, we provide a long-term view of the key opinion leaders and stakeholder groups who are influencing your reputation.