Media Impact Analysis of US Presidential Election from Onclusive




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As the US and the world gears ups for one of the most crucial democratic exercises of our time, the 2024 US Presidential election, we are proud to launch our US Presidential Election Media Impact Analysis Dashboard, which will be updated weekly and complemented by a quarterly summary report.  

Combined, they will provide an impartial analysis and evaluation of the media impact of each election cycle in relation to:  

  • Presidential candidates 
  • Key political issues shaping the election news agenda 
  • How primary and battleground states are performing 

The concept is to provide a resource for anyone with key information around the trending themes and issues that are coming through. We want it to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the candidates, issues, and forces at play in the 2024 election.    

What is the Media Impact Analysis Dashboard? 

The dashboard combines our media analysis and social listening technology to give you an up-to-date view of how the election is being covered across the entire US media landscape. This can be accessed on our website.   

Why should comms teams engage with our media impact reports? 

The election is undoubtedly the biggest national event for the US in 2024. It is also likely to be one of the most important events for other countries and organizations around the world. Everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, will be impacted by the outcome of this election.  

With that in mind, each quarter our skilled human insights team will bring together the most interesting and pivotal data into a detailed, impartial report. It will showcase how the media is shaping public opinion and driving topics from primary and battleground states, and from a national point of view.  

We will track how key national and regional issues such as healthcare, climate change, the economy, and social justice are playing out across mainstream, online, and social media – as well as emerging issues such as space exploration. The sentiment behind what’s being discussed will also be included in the analysis.  

We will report on how engagement with foreign affairs, especially across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and East Asia, has impacted the election narrative. We will also review one candidate per quarter – not taken from the top two – whose interactions are generating news traction. This will provide insight into their media impact and evaluate their engagement. 

Finally, we will look at how Corporate America leverages their political advocacy, fundraising, Super PAC support, political donations, and general influence over voter choice.    

What we will not do, however, is predict the outcome of the US Presidential election. We are simply creating a resource which you can engage with and use to give you a fuller picture of media engagement with the presidential candidates and the key topics that are driving the key media conversations over next 12 months. 

You can view our most recent US Presidential Election Media impact Report here.