Blogs  / May 17, 2013

How to use “breadcrumbs” to tell a better story

Here in Silicon Valley it’s easy to get caught up in the tech-hype-vortex-bubble. This 4 sided beast includes everything from ad nauseum discussions about pedigree and educational background to a belief system which often rewards high potential above high performance. Throw in…

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Blogs  / May 8, 2013

Porn, prom dresses, PR: Bill Tancer talks data

Bill Tancer has been hailed as the leading authority on what people are really doing online and what it means for business and society. You want to know details about online porn behavior: who searches for what, how often, and…

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Blogs  / May 2, 2013

Sometimes the value of PR is just about closer parking

PR, like any industry, is rife with experts throwing around definitions and best practices about how to do it, when to do it, and what success looks like. It’s easy to get caught up in the complexities; killing ourselves as…

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Blogs  / April 24, 2013

The value of PR: what do podiatrists, glaziers, and plumbers have in common?

Sometimes the content gods do a little magic and enlighten you to information that seems almost too good to be true. Case in point: yesterday I received this article from PR Daily in my inbox, the short of which went…

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Blogs  / April 18, 2013

Startup advice: Four or five things, who’s counting?

Every day I have the paradoxical pleasure of sitting across from two extremely brilliant technologists: Raj, our CTO, and Patrick, our Data Scientist. The paradox is, frankly, that while I can [hopefully] absorb their genius merely by osmosis and/or covertly…

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Blogs  / April 3, 2013

PR, the psychologist meet Advertising, the dentist

I’m a big, big fan of personification. Huge. So much so that sometimes I mistake my mother for an actual hen or my friend Tom, as alluded to here, as the discipline of public relations. This habitual form of self-entertainment…

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Blogs  / March 28, 2013


In light of the subject matter below, compliments of MeredithFineman.com, I have only one question: What rules have I broken? And yet…this leads me to more questions: Is this journalism, bloggism, or lazy content distributionism? Or is it simply repurposing…

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Blogs  / March 21, 2013

How to avoid being a networking doooosh

It’s hard to remember a time the name Heather Meeker wasn’t synonymous with the burgeoning L.A. tech scene and the network required to get through its door. In fact, when I first started dipping my toe in the tech PR…

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Blogs  / March 15, 2013

Give a good story (or get edited out)

Today we continue our series of guest posts from industry leading, best-in-breed PR Pros. Enjoy this insightful piece from Metis Communications’ Director of Content Services, Rebecca Joyner. You know any article written by someone with this title is going to…

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