Blogs  / March 6, 2013

PR TIP: Don’t be a loser at SXSW 2013

Ahhh, SXSW. That time of year when every startup under the sun flees to the quaint, country-loving town of Austin, Texas only to have their big launch plans hijacked by the likes of Amex and Pepsi. And this year, possibly…

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Blogs  / March 1, 2013

PR launches “4A” PR campaign

In what seems like a move of sheer, brazen nepotism, today I bring you the wonder that is Ted Iliff. In tight circles, he is more affectionately known as “Cousin Ted”. Or as my friend and colleague Kristen deemed him…

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Blogs  / February 20, 2013

To seem less elusive, PR changes name to Tom

Tom McLeod is the personification of PR. In other words, if PR were encapsulated in a human being, Tom would be that person. Instead of a crotchety, aging man, unsure as to his ultimate fate (Are we dying? Why is…

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Blogs  / February 14, 2013

MDV’s Pamela Mahoney on how to avoid PR sabotage

This week we kick off a series of guest posts from some of the PR industry’s top pros. Some have corporate communications backgrounds and are now working in-house for VCs, major brands or Fortune 500 companies, while others have built…

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Blogs  / February 7, 2013

Entrepreneur Media’s Kara Ohngren talks startups, PR, and journalism

In the words of my dear friend and founder of Astrsk PR, Elliot Tomaeno: “This is the future, and we’re living in it. So deal with it.” This was his [indignant yet charming] response to a discussion we recently had…

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Blogs  / February 1, 2013

PR myths and future models, Peter Himler gets cheeky

He got his start in entertainment PR, and then migrated to the global agency world as the youngest VP at Hill & Knowlton. He then spent six years as Media Director of Cohn & Wolfe, followed by over a decade…

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Blogs  / January 24, 2013

PR Entrepreneur Sabrina Horn dishes on the future of PR

A few weeks after our October 2012 launch, Sharam (Onclusive’s CEO) received a LinkedIn message from someone at HORN requesting a meet and greet with [the one and only] Sabrina Horn. He showed me the email and we were both…

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Blogs  / January 17, 2013

The Next Web’s Managing Editor and his PR wish

Martin Bryant is a breath of tech press fresh air. As Managing Editor for The Next Web (based in the UK), he’s seen his fair share of interesting companies and reported breaking news for hundreds of tech startups across the…

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Blogs  / January 10, 2013

Gary Belsky talks journalism, PR, and telling stories

Connections are funny. And whether we want to believe it or not our personal, physical, soul connections are what make the world go-round. This is an easy thing to forget in our hyper-connected, tech-driven, amped-up world; but it’s absolutely true.…

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