[Podcast] Applying the Farm-to-Table Concept to Influencer Marketing



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I’ve been thinking about the power of customer advocates and influencers a lot lately, not only because they’re part of today’s buzzword stew but because, in my role, I sit on both sides of the table. As part of my role at AirPR, I collaborate with influencers from a brand perspective and as a journalist, I get pitched to as well.

Farm to table influencer marketingWhen I think of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns, though, I’m reminded of the whole idea behind farm-to-table eating. The less we manufacture our messaging and the more organic our relationships, the better the output. In this sense, brands must be very careful when it comes to who they pay for endorsement.

Over-processed foods, or brand mentions that are inauthentic or watered down with commercial messaging, are ultimately unhealthy and unsatisfying. And today’s customers are smart; They can smell spoiled canned goods (inauthentic brand mentions) from a mile away.

I recently discussed the ins and outs of influencer marketing with Cision’s Heidi Sullivan and TapInfluence’s Todd Cameron for Convince & Convert’s Influence Pros Podcast titled “Why You Need Analytics and Trust for Successful Influencer Marketing.”

Listen in to learn:

  • What makes an influencer an influencer
  • How emotions play into the mix
  • How B2B and B2C companies can work with influencers and customer advocates to grow reach, engagement, and conversions


We all know there’s nothing worse than hearing a brand talk incessantly about themselves (although, oddly, I feel like I’m doing that here!), so do yourself a favor and figure out how to leverage the voices of those who already love your brand. I guarantee that fabulous “organic-ness” will taste oh-so good.

Thanks (author) Rebekah! Meet another bright mind behind the scenes at AirPR…