The 2024 US Presidential Election Report – How we did it? 




Onclusive’s 2024 US Presidential Election Report provides an impartial analysis of the media impact of each election cycle in relation to:

  • Presidential candidates
  • Key political issues shaping the election news agenda
  • How primary and battleground states are performing

The report includes the most interesting and pivotal data, showcasing how the media is shaping public opinion and driving topics from primary and battleground states.

Why did we create the Election Report?

As a media monitoring and solutions company, we believed that our monitoring capabilities and metrics could benefit the public’s understanding of the United States 2024 Presidential election discourse.

To do so, we had to identify the best way to qualify election coverage.

With an incumbent president and (likely) a previous President running for the office, there was surely enough noise in the media and social world about either candidate. A possible impeachment for the current President and several indictments for the former, some of this noise would certainly include election references but not all of it. To determine specific election coverage, we are considering content that includes (but is not limited to) the following terms, with mentions of each candidate:

English  Spanish 
running mates  compañeros corriendo 
party convention  convención de partido 
national convention  convención nacional 
registered voters  votantes registrados 
campaign advertisements  publicidad de campaña 
campaign ads  anuncios de campaña 
campaign trail  ruta de campaña 
election coverage  cobertura de elecciones 
voter turnout  participación de votantes 
campaign strategy  estrategia de campaña 
party primaries  elecciones primarias 
electoral college  colegio electoral 
swing states  estados indecisos 
fundraising event  evento de recaudación de fondos 
campaign fundraiser  recaudación de fondos de campaña 
campaign rally  acto de campaña 
polling data  datos de encuestas 
presidential race  carrera presidencial 
2024 Election  Eeección 2024 
Election 2024  elecciones 2024 
for president  para presidente 
nomination  nominación 
democratic primary  primaria demócrata 
republican primary  primaria republicana 
presidential debate  debate presidencial 
presidential primary  primaria presidencial 
presidential election  elecciones presidenciales 


You’ll notice we included Spanish language key words. This was due to the increasing use of candidate ads in Spanish language media and the language being the second most spoken language in the United States.


What makes Onclusive’s election coverage impactful?

Onclusive can understand and score sentiment correctly in multiple languages through our NLP model. Our model functions by deeply understanding semantic meaning and relationships among words within a vast text corpus. Constructed using state-of-the-art models, we fine-tune them to align with our specific use cases, enabling the model to comprehend context, generate coherent responses, and perform diverse language-related tasks.

With the Onclusive proprietary news crawler, Critical Mention’s best in class broadcast monitoring and Digimind’s unparalleled access for social listening, including LinkedIn tracking, our comprehensive coverage is second to none. Our analyst team have all the relevant coverage needed to provide a full 360 degree view of all key electoral events as they unfold.

The information is provided through two delivery mechanisms. First is the quarterly report which includes analyst review and commentary. The second is the on-demand data available here on our website.

You can make the most of the data we can provide to you in this media analysis by viewing our latest report here.