Why The Equilar Communications Team Moved from Cision to Onclusive Pro




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When Equilar, the leading provider of corporate leadership data solutions, came to Onclusive for help, the communications team had been struggling with accurately and efficiently tracking media mentions at target publications, compiling dashboards to measure and report on their efforts, and building media relationships with reporters for potential pitches.

At the time, Equilar was using the Cision media monitoring platform, which was addressing some of their needs but did not meet the standard they required to refine their PR strategy. They turned to the Onclusive Pro tool which produced the results they needed at a more effective cost.

Download this case study to learn:

  • How Equilar comprehensively summarized their media performance through the implementation of Onclusive dashboards
  • How Onclusive’s automated reports saved them hours of manual work, enabling them to focus more on their communications strategy
  • How Equilar is now able to target reporters for media relations, broadening their overall coverage

Download the "Why the Equilar ommunications team moved from Cision to Onclusive Pro" Case Study