Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO – Livongo




IPO On Stock Price Board

In early 2019, Livongo began preparing to go public. At the time, the company was already a leader in consumer digital health, with clients including 20% of Fortune 500 companies, major health plans, and the two largest pharmacy benefit managers as both clients and partners. Livongo faced an extremely tight IPO timeline, limited resources (a two-person communications team), and an inherent risk of a backlash from investors and the industry at large due to positioning the IPO as the “litmus test” for the digital health industry.


Download this case study to learn how Livongo: 

  1. Developed a narrative that landed high-impact stories and boosted influential coverage
  2. How they used differentiated messaging to increase brand awareness in preparation for their IPO
  3. How Livongo tracked, measured and reported on the success of their IPO-related content
  4. And, how Livongo leveraged their successful IPO to win multiple PR and media relations awards, including being named a SABRE award finalist.

Download the Messaging & media relations for an award-winning IPO – Livongo Case Study