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AMEC Awards 2022


Since 1635, the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) in Paris, France has been dedicated to our knowledge of nature. As a center of research, teaching and expertise, the Museum is a national reference for ecological issues. In 2021 the Museum planned its reopening after the pandemic by setting two objectives: to encourage the public back to the museum physically and to re-ignite public interest in science and ecology. As the Museum’s monitoring and analysis partner, Onclusive designed a framework to measure communications impact and to inform campaign decisions.


Objectives & Challenges

The Museum’s stated aim was to create two immersive experiences “Rebirth” and “Sensory Odyssey” that would both ‘Amaze and Educate’ visitors, with measurable KPIs for visitor attendance and public support for the work of the Museum. To assess effectiveness, it was essential to measure the intensity of public engagement with the campaign, public reaction on social networks, website visitation and, finally, the contribution of media exposure to ticket sales and visitor footfall.


Our Strategy

The analysis methodology was adapted to align with the Museum’s multi-channel approach, crossing PR and owned media, advertising, influencer marketing and gamification. The framework applied a set of transversal performance indicators across all channels throughout the campaign period between May 2021 to March 2022.


Outcomes & Client Benefits 

Position the Museum in the futuristic era of immersive experiences: incredible success with journalists – 85% of editorial outputs conveying positive messages and proactively encouraging the public to visit the Museum.

Reach the audience and drive engagement: Sensory Odyssey generated the strongest audience response and Website traffic more than doubled.

Bringing the public back to the museum: the analysis demonstrate that periods of higher PR output were rewarded by increased ticket sales.

Onclusive’s data supported effective planning and impact measurement. We demonstrated how the individual campaign strands of PR, advertising and social activation delivered awareness and excitement and contributed to the overall success of the Museum’s objectives.

This project was awarded at the AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards.

Onclusive AMEC Awards Winner 2022
Onclusive AMEC Awards Winner 2022


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“By presenting this superb sensory exhibition at the cutting edge of digital innovation, the National Museum of Natural History remains true to its vocation: «amaze to educate» ! It is first and foremost a collective work that has mobilized a large number of scientific disciplines mixing innovation and technology for a better understanding of the living world. Onclusive is a partner of choice to demonstrate the performance of this operation and to provide quality media analysis that helps a century-old institution position itself and emerge in a competitive world.”

Fanny Decobert, Communications Director, NMNH

Cécile Brissaud, Deputy Director, NMNH