SMG Connects the Dots Between Content Marketing and Business Outcomes




In the past, the SMG Brand Marketing team wasn’t necessarily excited to share reports with the business, and the metrics SMG reported on rarely helped enhance content strategy. In working with Onclusive and using our Analyst platform, SMG has improved their effectiveness by giving visibility to outcomes, advancing their attribution capabilities, and streamlining their reporting. This case study discusses how Onclusive is helping SMG to advance it content marketing efforts, and to connect the dots between content marketing and business outcomes.

Download this case study to learn:

  • How Onclusive has helped SMG substantially improve the impact of their reporting
  • How Onclusive enabled SMG to provide the organization with more meaningful and timely content marketing reports
  • How the dedicated support team played a pivotal role in the value provided to SMG

Download the "SMG connects the dots between content marketing and business outcomes" Case Study