March 12, 2020

How 23AndMe Uses PR Attribution™ to Drive Key Business Outcomes

The ability to attribute the impact of content to actual business outcomes is the link that has long been missing from PR measurement. Yet, pinpointing which stories get people to take action is critical to developing winning PR and content strategies. That’s why Onclusive invented PR Attribution™ and, as a result of analyzing billions of articles and evolving its attribution technology over the last eight years, has the most comprehensive and accurate solution available today.


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Watch our on-demand webinar with Scott Hadly, Managing Editor, and Liza Crenshaw, Communications Manager, from 23andMe to learn how they are using PR Attribution™ to get insights into the types of content, campaigns and media channels that drive their business outcomes, and how this data helps them optimize their communications strategy.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What is PR Attribution™
  • Why PR Attribution™ is more important today than ever
  • Using attribution to make data-driven decisions across all of your communications efforts
  • The role of owned media in driving business outcomes
  • Why attribution fosters close collaboration between teams
  • How to implement PR Attribution™

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