August 30, 2023 11:00 am


Elevating Non-Profit Impact: Advanced Communications and Social Listening Strategies Masterclass


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Hosted by Digimind, an Onclusive Company

Join us for this exceptional masterclass where, you will explore how to utilize the power of social listening and advanced communication strategies to enhance your non-profit’s visibility, fundraising potential, crisis management, and detailed planning capabilities. This session is designed for individuals seeking to go beyond traditional approaches and drive transformative changes within their non-profit.

We are thrilled to have two esteemed experts from Save The Children, Stephanie Fisher and Louisa Spofford, as our panelists.

During our webinar, they will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to:

  • Listen to your audience more effectively to shape your non-profit’s strategy and messaging.
  • Respond proactively to crises and manage your organization’s reputation
  • Use communication and media monitoring to amplify your fundraising efforts
  • Use communication event planning to boost your non-profit awareness
  • Incorporate social listening into your strategic planning process

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