March 19, 2019

How Experian Unifies Global Communications With Power of Voice™

How does a global brand standardize on a single PR metric? Experian, a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services with offices in 39 countries, helps millions of consumers and businesses use the power of data and technology to make financial decisions and reduce risk. Having so many constituents can make external communications a challenge. First, you need to know which stories to tell, then you need a unified way of measuring the quality of those stories at a global scale.


Watch Now

Watch this fascinating webinar led by Kelsey Audagnotti of Experian and Moderator Kelly Byrd of Onclusive, as they discuss how to optimize your communications strategy with Power of Voice™, the first and only true content quality metric.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to shift brand perception in a time of crisis
  • Ways to break through a noisy media space
  • PR measurement best practices using Power of Voice™
  • The key questions a content quality metric can answer for you and your C-suite
  • How to unify PR and communications KPIs across your organization

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