January 30, 2020

Livongo: Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO

Although the digital health industry received a record breaking $8.1 billion worth of funding from venture capital in 2018, until recently it lacked in one key component — a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). In July 2019, Livongo, a leading digital health company, set a new industry benchmark by going public with a highly successful and award-winning IPO.


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Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Jake Mazanke, Corporate Communications Manager at Livongo, discuss how his team crafted strategic press announcements and unique messaging to generate IPO success, set a standard for coverage across the industry, and tripled their website traffic — and how he used Onclusive to connect their national media campaign to tangible financial results.

In This Webinar You’ll Learn:

  • How to develop a narrative that lands high-impact stories and boosts influential coverage
  • How to use differentiated messaging to increase brand awareness in preparation for an IPO
  • How Livongo tracked, measured and reported on the success of their IPO-related content
  • And, how Livongo leveraged their successful IPO to win multiple PR and media relations awards, including being named a SABRE award finalist.

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