November 20, 2020

News Release Benchmarks for Healthcare & Biotechnology

In 2019, Onclusive and Business Wire teamed up to identify the characteristics of a winning news release. In a first-of-its kind research study, we analyzed 15,000 press releases across two dozen industries to better understand how they affect generating syndicated pick-up, social media engagement and editorial coverage. The findings suggested the best days and times to distribute those releases, how broadly they should be distributed and in what format the releases should be sent.


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To make these insights more actionable, we are launching a series of industry-specific benchmark reports with the first being focused on the Healthcare and BioTechnology.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  1. The most popular days and times to issue Healthcare/BioTech news and investor relations releases
  2. The most effective days and times to issue news for generating syndicates, social media engagement and editorial coverage
  3. Industry benchmarks for earned media sentiment
  4. Expert recommendations and best practices for successful Healthcare/BioTech news and investor releases

Dan Beltramo

Chief Innovation Officer

Dan was CEO of the legacy Onclusive business, one of the three companies that merged to form the new global media intelligence leader adopting the same name, Onclusive.

Prior to Onclusive, Dan was EVP, Marketing Effectiveness Products at Nielsen. He arrived at Nielsen having sold a company he co-founded called Vizu to Nielsen. Vizu pioneered real-time brand lift measurement in online advertising. Dan started Vizu after serving as VP of Marketing at Instill, a data and software company in the foodservice industry. Prior to Instill Dan was a brand manager at the Clorox corporation, and he started his career as a management consultant at the LEK Partnership.

Dan received his undergraduate degree in Decision Analysis from Stanford University where he returned for his M.B.A.

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