Measuring Up To Marketing Whitepaper




Today’s C-Suite needs to see PR as a Business Growth Driver

It’s a new era for both public relations and marketing. Going digital, downsizing of traditional media, and a growing number of social media platforms, influencers and bloggers have created major shifts in how we operate. At the same time, today’s consumers expect seamless, consistent experiences from brands they choose to buy from and be loyal to.

Now more than ever, there is a need for increased collaboration between marketing and PR to create and sustain continuity in brand messaging and customer experience. However, PR is still struggling with uncertainty around measuring its value and integrating these measurements with the marketing and business success metrics.

The download of our whitepaper, “Measuring UP to Marketing” is available for you here. This document provides valuable insights on how best practices from both marketing and PR can be aligned with your company’s business goals.

Table of Contents

• The state of PR in 2022

• How does PR fit into marketing?

• Aligning marketing & PR with business goals