Proving the Value of PR in 2024: 7 Metrics that Will Matter




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While arguably, some traditional measurement approaches like Advertising Value Equivalents still hold relevance, the PR and comms industry is witnessing a growing demand for quantifiable metrics that clearly demonstrate the return on investment for PR teams and their campaigns.

Additionally, as more communication leaders are rightfully securing seats at the C-Suite table, the business impact of PR and communication efforts is coming under intensified scrutiny.

So, in 2024, communications leaders and their teams must continuously showcase their value, whether its through attributing sales revenue directly to campaigns, driving website traffic, or effectively showing how a crisis was managed.

Inside the whitepaper you’ll discover:

  • The Future of PR Measurement: Uncover strategies, tools, and innovations that are reshaping the PR landscape.
  • Proving PR’s Value: Learn how to showcase your PR impact on the bottom line and secure additional resources.
  • 7 PR Metrics for 2024: Get ahead of the competition by focusing on the metrics that truly matter.
  • Success Story: Learn how IHG® Hotels & Resorts uses data-driven PR can drive extraordinary results.

In a world where PR success is now defined by data-driven insights, this whitepaper is your roadmap to staying relevant and thriving.

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