Key Insights from Onclusive’s Latest Webinar: Navigating the Election Narrative




In our latest Onclusive webinar, “Navigating the Election Narrative: A Deep Dive into Traditional and Social Media,” we discussed valuable insights on handling controversial topics with our esteemed guests, Joe Libutti from Moxie’s Research and Analytic team, and Jeff Lutz from Hart.


Key Topics Discussed: Abortion, Immigration, Israel/Hamas Conflict, and Cannabis Legalization

Each of these topics presents unique challenges for both President Biden and former President Trump.


Israel/Hamas Conflict:

When addressing the Israel/Hamas conflict, I asked our panelists what strategies they would recommend to President Biden for engaging voters in Michigan—a critical swing state with the highest Arab-American population in the country. Both Joe and Jeff emphasized the importance of authenticity in messaging. Authenticity builds trust and demonstrates genuine concern, which resonates with the audience. It’s crucial not just to communicate but also to act on those messages, showcasing tangible contributions beyond words.


Avoiding Hypocrisy in Messaging:

We also explored the topic of abortion and how President Trump could manage the narrative. Avoiding hypocrisy is key. One effective strategy is to use owned channels, such as social media and blogs, to shape and control your story. This approach allows you to steer the narrative in your desired direction.


Phased Campaigns for Immigration:

Changing the media narrative around immigration from building walls to accepting immigrants requires a phased approach. Public and media perceptions are deeply ingrained and cannot be altered overnight. By implementing a phased campaign, you can set early expectations and establish achievable goals to gradually shift the narrative.


Cannabis Legalization:

Finally, we discussed the evolving conversation around cannabis legalization in the US over the past two decades. The principles of authenticity, utilizing owned channels, and phased campaigning are crucial here as well. Additionally, it’s essential to consider equity in outcomes. How can your brand elevate itself while giving back to the community? Aligning your actions with your messaging helps avoid hypocrisy and achieve your goals.


Key Takeaways

In summary, authenticity, strategic use of owned channels, and phased campaigns are vital for navigating controversial topics. These strategies help build trust, control narratives, and align actions with messages.


Want to learn more? Watch the full webinar here.