60 Seconds of Entertainment



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Some weeks, you’re simply too busy to put pen to paper (err…fingers to keyboard?) for any extended period of time. This is one of those weeks.

So instead of waxing poetic about the state of PR measurement or touting tools you absolutely need RIGHT NOW, we’re merely going to provide you a list of gifs, memes, and other internet-spurred images that keep our team smiling. This is meant to be pure entertainment because whose brain doesn’t need a break every now and then?

We’re also doing this because we know how much it will irk Adam Singer. 🙂

Enjoy and feel free to thieve everything below for your own use! Or better yet, reply in the comments below with your personal favorites. #SharingIsCaring

Totally valid excuse to send your boss or client:


The perfect thing to send when someone isn’t feeling well:


Time for happy hour?


Sometimes, you just don’t see it coming:


For when you absolutely just NAIL it:


Because the uses for this one are endless:


Happy? So’s this guy:

excited walrus

The only image worthy of a group text/email on a Sunday night: