CEO Index Report

CEOs of the world’s biggest listed companies have become powerful, personal brands; particularly those who are vocal in the public domain. For these leaders, everything they say and how they behave not only defines the public’s perception of them, but the reputations of the organizations they lead to. ​ 

With interest in global business leaders at an all-time high, Onclusive has launched the CEO Index: a dashboard that measures, analyses, and compares earned media coverage about the world’s top CEOs from the US and Europe’s biggest listed companies.  ​ 

Inside our first CEO Index quarterly report, we look at who’s been making the biggest media impact in 2023 so far.

You’ll uncover:​ 

  • ​Which sectors and countries had the most talked about CEOs in the media​, 
  • Which countries’ media had the greatest share of voice​, 
  • What themes were most widely discussed in relation to CEOs​, 
  • Which CEOs made the biggest impact on a global and national scale​, 
  • How CEOs in the ‘Energy & Utilities’ Sector performed​, 
  • Which CEOs had the greatest impact in relation to ‘Leadership’

This tells an interesting story of the global CEO landscape during the first three months of 2023; identifying who’s making the most impact in each sector, market, and on a global scale.​ 

Download to understand what’s driving engagement, how the biggest names in your sector are performing, and how you could do the same to maximize and enhance the profile of your CEO and brand.