Onclusive Clips – Building Long Term Corporate Brand Value




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Episode 2: Building Long Term Corporate Brand Value

In this fast media world, it’s becoming more and more difficult for PR, Comms and marketing professionals to manage brand reputation. Building a lasting corporate brand value is a tricky task, requiring careful strategy and dedicated execution.

In this episode:

  • We examine the key changes in communication channels that has made building brand awareness harder.
  • We discuss ways marketing and comms professionals can protect a brand.
  • Outline how to increase brand value, and build customer advocacy for a brand.

With Onclusiveibe you can access trusted insights that reveal the key drivers of your brand reputation.

Combining media analytics technology and human intelligence, we enable you to better understand your brand media profile. You’ll see how you benchmark against your sector, and wider industry issues. You’ll also identify themes that could impact business reputation.

In this video blog series – Onclusive Clips – our thought leaders tackle the big questions taking root in our digital-first media world. We speak to seasoned comms experts to gain actionable insight into the main challenges faced by you. We also use the space to shine a light on what we do and why we do it!

“As consumers, we’ve got so little mind space, that we have to compete so hard to get that little bit of consumer attention!”