Beyond the SEO rigmarole, welcome to NEO™



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This week, in completely un-AirPR fashion, we are going to talk about ourselves ad nauseam. Well, not really about ourselves but about something we are pioneering (which may even be more self-involved and gross) called NEO™.

News Engine Optimization.

I am weary of this practice of self promotion, as it often leads to your audience “voting with their feet” – as my dear friend Stephanie Losee points out in this Mashable article about brand journalism best practices.

But I’m forced here to harken back to my utilitarian roots, which hold that what we’ve stumbled upon, at least conceptually, is important for the PR masses. It’s for the greater good if you will.

At its core, the fundamentals of NEO are based on PR’s favorite new pastime: SEO. I say this only half-jokingly because SEO is clearly an important component of the digital landscape; but it also has the potential to be the bane of a writer, marketer, or content producer’s existence.

I bring you a very on point quote from Adam Weinroth, CMO of OneSpot.

Shameless disclaimer: We share a mutual investor, and he’s probably one of my favorite CMOs, so I have a hard time being objective because I pretty much think he’s always spot on:

“SEO has long been an effective tool in allowing marketers to optimize content by analyzing data and getting insights on their audiences but can often fall flat in actually determining which messages are the stickiest.”

Why thank you, Adam. What a perfect segue and subsequent set up for NEO™.

If you have 18.4 minutes, I’d love for you to take a look at the white paper we released this week and tell us what you think.

How important is the ability to track key messages?

How does it help in terms of optimizing future PR efforts?

And ultimately…is NEO™ the greatest good for the greatest number?