What Every Marketing Boss Loves



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Marketing bosses think with their heads and not their hearts. That’s because (a) their jobs depend on it and (b) the marketing and media landscape is constantly changing. What worked last year in a public relations or marketing campaign, or even last week, may not work again today.

To boot, successful marketing bosses are increasingly running their meetings like a finance team, meaning they’re crunching the numbers and considering ways to justify costs before moving onto creative brainstorms.

So for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve identified five behaviors guaranteed to woo your CMO, VP of Marketing, etc. Here’s what every marketing boss loves:

1. Goals

Goals, conversions, and events allow you to specify and measure the outcomes of an action. Before launching any campaign, ask your marketing boss: “What are our goals?”

The answer to this question will allow you and your team to set proper expectations on the outcome of your campaigns. Setting these expectations from the beginning empower you to work in an outcome-driven way and focus on reaching a specific benchmark.

2. Attribution

Nothing dampers a good romance like taking credit for something you didn’t do. The next time you’re viewing campaign reports, analyze how you’re assigning credit across various channels. Think along the lines of…

Why is direct traffic such as high provider of conversions and assisted conversions?

And how can I give credit to members of my team for their hard work?

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Marketing bosses love conversion rates about as much as they love goal completions. Today’s marketers provide data and insights that influence business decisions. KPIs, such as a specific click-through rate, put an emphasis on the performance of key messaging and creative against a target audience, whereas conversion rates speak to how an audience responds to completing a specific action once they’ve arrived on a landing/offer page.

Identify key metrics that ensure the success of your campaign to show your marketing boss you’re thinking about all the metrics they love: leads, qualified leads, new opportunities, and revenue.

4. Benchmarks

Benchmarking shows that you’re going above and beyond your own norm. Benchmark your key metrics against periods of time, competitors, and industry data. Marketing bosses love this, especially when you provide key benchmarks and information that show you are outperforming the competition, the industry, or your own historical records.

5. Predictability

Forecast future success with market research and benchmarks. Based on your benchmarks and KPIs, what forecasts can you provide to your boss? If December is a slow season for your brand, can you validate that there will be a drop in conversions and sales?

Show your boss you’re thinking about the success of your days, weeks, months and even years ahead, and they’ll appreciate your contributions even more.