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Media relations is one of the PR team’s essential functions, and having access to a reliable and accurate media contact database is a must in today’s dynamic environment. With millions of reporters, influencers and bloggers out there, it’s increasingly important to find the right ones who can help tell your stories and have the most impact on your business – as well as your competitors. 

Onclusive’s new human-verified media database is a noteworthy addition to our powerful Author Intelligence™ tool for discovery of the most impactful journalists for your brand. Thanks to our meticulous human-curation process, we offer the most current North America and UK author profiles in the industry—with plans to expand this capability to other regions very soon.

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Highly Curated Author Profiles

We use a proven 3-step process to verify our media contact database:

  1. Onclusive’s artificial intelligence technology starts by analyzing the publication activity of millions of authors across the globe.
  2. Then we confirm which of them are full-time, active journalists with recent contributions to reputable publications.
  3. Finally, our team individually verifies each of those authors’ primary media outlet, title and contact information, including their current email address and phone number.

This means that every time you reach out to your target reporters, you can rest assured that your email communications will go to verified email addresses and end up in the right inboxes. We continuously refresh journalist contact information so that it is always accurate and current. 

Our commitment to accuracy doesn’t stop there. If you do find a contact with an invalid email address, please reach out to us and we will update it as quickly as possible.

Media Database Best Practices

  • Keep all of your key media contacts in one place
    • In addition to having access to millions of journalists, influencers and publications across the globe and verified contact information for the most important authors, you may also want to add your own contact information of high-priority journalists with whom you already have relationships. Having all of your key media contacts in one database will keep you organized, save you time and help with information consistency across contact profiles.
  • Focus on the most impactful authors and outlets
    • Wouldn’t it be powerful to find all of the reporters, influencers and outlets that really matter to your business? Exclusively with Onclusive, you can identify those authors and publications that are having the biggest impact on your brand—driving the most social media engagement, website traffic, interactions and revenue. You can also target the most relevant authors by topic, bio, audience location, primary publication, outlet reputation, article sentiment and more.

  • Get to know them to earn their attention
    • You’ve found the journalists with whom you want to build relationships—now what? The next step is to break through the noise to get their attention and put a pitch in front of them that they cannot ignore. Onclusive’s robust Author Intelligence™ profiles make it easy to get to know influential authors, what they write about, how often, and in which publications. You can browse their overall activity, as well as specific articles and social posts, and even discover untapped opportunities by connecting with authors with similar profiles who write for your competitors but not your brand. 

Having the most accurate media contact database in the industry at your fingertips is key to being in front of your target reporters when it matters and gaining an edge over your competition. 

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