Using media monitoring and social listening for PESTLE analysis



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Welcome back to our blog series about managing corporate reputation with PESTLE analysis! This week, we’re wrapping up the series with a look at sentiment monitoring, social listening and trend tracking as an essential part of the process.

Sentiment monitoring

Sentiment monitoring helps companies measure brand health by tracking key stakeholder perceptions of their own brands, products and spokespeople, as well as competitors.

Onclusive offers comprehensive earned and social media sentiment monitoring that uses artificial intelligence to deliver a detailed look into the tone of media coverage. In addition to the aggregate sentiment of your media coverage, you can also drill down on the sentiment of each article and even each “entity” within an article, such as a person, a place or a concept covered in the article. Finally, you can track sentiment trends over time.

How does this relate to PESTLE analysis? While sentiment monitoring and analysis technically falls under the Social Factors category of PESTLE since it tracks opinions, attitudes and buying behavior, brand perception is often affected by other factors, including political, economic and environmental influencers. As such, it is a comprehensive metric of how all of the PESTLE factors come together to shape stakeholder views of your brand.

What you can do with sentiment insights:

Get a complete view of your current brand sentiment, as well as that of your competitors
Discover what to do to make sure you get more positive mentions and features that enhance your brand reputation
Evaluate how sentiment is trending over time to gauge whether your reputation strategies are working

Social listening

Social listening allows organizations to track what is being said about them, their competitors and industry topics on social media. It is also an invaluable source of customer feedback and can help pinpoint influential opinion leaders who can help shape a brand’s public image.

With Onclusive’s enterprise-grade social listening technology, you can monitor mentions of your company, competitors, topics, and influencers, as well as social sentiment, across major social networks in real time. By getting a holistic view of social in addition to earned and owned media, you can manage your brand reputation by surfacing mentions that matter across all channels.

When it comes to PESTLE analysis, you can set up your social listening to track any PESTLE factor, including social trends, new technology, legislature, economic shifts, and more. 

What you can do with social listening insights:

  • Monitor all competitor mentions to insert your brand into meaningful conversations that allow you to become a proven thought leader in your industry
  • Boost social engagement and create impactful content that grows your followers and improves your corporate reputation
  • Show the value of your social strategy and its impact on your brand reputation

Current trends

Monitoring current trends across the entire media landscape that is relevant to your industry and brand is critical to understanding key reputation drives and potential risks. Having this data at your fingertips covers all six PESTLE categories. 

Onclusive provides unified earned, owned and social media monitoring with the most complete and accurate news and social media coverage available across digital, newswire, print, broadcast, radio, and all major social platforms. By monitoring trending topics and conversations happening now, you can stay ahead of your competition, crises and emerging opportunities. 

What you can do with insights into the current trends:

  • Understand the holistic view of your external environment to gauge your current reputation and inform future strategies
  • Catch emerging trends and crises early so that you can be strategic with your communications activity
  • Proactively manage your corporate reputation instead of being reactive

The next step is to sort through the information provided by your sentiment analysis, social listening and trend tracking. As you’re going through the data, use your PESTLE template to add the key findings under specific categories so that you can assess the implications of your findings, identify major opportunities and threats, develop your commendations and then, finally, present your recommendations to the C-suite.

Join us for Managing Corporate Reputation with PESTLE Analysis webinar on Thursday, November 18th. In this session, our panelists will share best practices for managing corporate reputation with PESTLE analysis and discuss how to use sentiment monitoring, social listening and trending topics to deepen your understanding of the macro factors affecting your brand and competitors, with the ultimate goal of improving your corporate image.