Investor Relations: Your Earnings Are Out, Now What?



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Three essentials of measuring your financial earnings news and developing the right message

Publicly traded companies release their earnings (essentially, their profits) four times a year through an earnings release, typically followed by an earnings call, where CEOs and CFOs can offer color and insight into their results as investors make decisions about their stock.

For investor relations and communications professionals, it is this color and insight that can make or break their company’s reputation in the market. Utilizing AI and insights-driven technologies can now aid in determining the right messages, measure the audience of their earnings news and build reports to advise on future messaging.

Here are three essentials for measuring your financial earnings news and developing the right message:

Message Resonance:

The color and insight provided in earnings releases and by the C-Suite on earnings calls often makes the difference for investors when making decisions about a company’s potential future success. Understanding how these messages are received is paramount for future success.

Onclusive’s software can help IR professionals measure their key messages and determine what is garnering the most amplification. Through AI tools, Onclusive can help you identify the topics and messaging that resonate most with journalists, customers, and investors so you can proactively drive the narratives that matter to your brand.

Earnings Measurement:

Earnings news is typically measured by how the company’s stock is impacted. While this is clearly the biggest business driver, understanding the why and how of the messaging, the tastemakers that impacted decisions, and the mentions that garnered the greatest amplification and impact can influence future messaging to investors and shareholders.

Onclusive’s software allows users to look beyond vanity metrics and truly tie messages and coverage to business outcomes by identifying the messages, journalists, influencers and articles that resulted in particular objectives, received the most amplification, and garnered the greatest coverage.

Interactive Earnings Reporting:

Once those insights are developed, reporting back to the C-Suite can be a challenge. Onclusive’s Interactive Reports allows users to create easy-to-digest charts on messaging, Power of Voice, most amplified coverage and more.

By adding additional qualitative insights of your own, you can now use AI-driven tools to provide the C-Suite with crucial insight into company performance based on messaging.

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