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Not all media contact and outreach tools for communicators are created equal. While an accurate and comprehensive media database is the first cornerstone to growing your brand presence and reputation, you also need a robust relationship management platform to send targeted pitches, communicate with reporters and track your campaign effectiveness.

Look no further than Onclusive’s journalist relationship management tools. Discovering, pitching, corresponding and managing relationships with impactful authors has never been easier! With our powerful tools, you’ll be able to create media lists in minutes instead of days and communicate with journalists without leaving the Onclusive platform—saving you valuable time so you can focus on building important relationships and getting more media placements

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Media Outreach Best Practices

Based on customer success stories we see every day from brands big and small, we’d like to share a few of the best practices for impactful pitches and journalist campaigns.

  • Optimize your media list building
    • Gone are the days when PR pros had to spend time manually putting together target media lists. Modern technology has simplified building your pitch lists by allowing you to log into your online contact database and select your target authors with the click of a button—in a matter of minutes. With Onclusive, you can create multiple lists, edit them at any time, and keep them all in one place, with additional options to use our human-verified media database or add your own contacts to your pitch lists.
  • Craft a pitch that makes you stand out from the crowd
    • Developing compelling pitches is an art, but there is no reason why it can’t be supported by science. To grab journalist attention, you need the data that sheds the light on what they care about. Onclusive’s Author Intelligence™ profiles can help. We have compiled the most robust author profiles in the industry, which make it easy to really get to know influential authors, the topics they write about, how often they publish, and in which media outlets.
  • Personalize your outreach
    • Even when you have an excellent pitch, it is likely to be much more powerful when personalized for each author and supported by impactful graphics and ample background resources. Look for a tool like Onclusive, which allows you to personalize your outreach copy, add images and attachments, schedule emails to your contact lists in advance, and manage follow-ups with built-in PR workflows. To make sure that your messages are sent to verified email addresses, you’ll also need a curated media contact database.
  • Improve your campaign effectiveness
    • After you click “send” and your campaign goes out, you’ll want to measure its effectiveness—and to go one step further, use this information to continuously optimize your targeting, outreach and media relations strategies. Onclusive’s relationship management solution can help you track your pitch results and journalist engagement through a simple dashboard, which provides real-time metrics on email opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.

With fully integrated human-verified media database, rich Author Intelligence™ profiles and world-class journalist outreach tools, you’ll be well on your way to not just getting more media placements, but becoming the most powerful voice in the industry.

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