Knowledge is Power: Media Monitoring and the Bigger Picture



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One of your brand’s most valuable resources is your reputation. Media monitoring is a must-have for successful PR and communications professionals. You need to be in the know about all of the media coverage around your brand, your competitors, and keywords that are important to your business. Comprehensive media monitoring allows you to capture the full picture of your PR efforts, including measuring your overall communications tactics, creating more effective outreach, and better understanding your competitors.

Only then can you promote the right media across social and other platforms in order to better reach your audience. You’ll have valuable insights about the scale, timing, and frequency of media outreach that is optimal for your audience. Then, you can further evaluate the true impact of these articles on reader engagement.

Are you confident that your media monitoring software is capturing every relevant piece of coverage, or are you concerned that you might be missing some of it? The stakes are high when it comes to media monitoring, and a robust solution will ensure you account for all relevant content.

Our customers agree that Onclusive provides the most comprehensive media monitoring available, including digital, newswire, print, broadcast, and radio coverage. We recently shared the results of a G2 Crowd study where respondents stated that we are leading the industry when it comes to PR analytics solutions. The companies in the study reported an average time to ROI within 14 months, and 72% of our customers see ROI in 12 months or less.

In fact, the study respondents shared specific benefits that their company realized on a larger level due to the robust PR analytics provided by Onclusive:

That’s because Onclusive’s proprietary newscrawler captures over 6 million pieces of earned, owned, and newswire content every day and has stored over 5 billion articles to date – more content than any other source – while using AI to eliminate irrelevant or spam articles that don’t contribute to your goals.

Media Database
A robust media database powers another communications and PR cornerstone – media relations. In today’s increasingly fragmented author ecosystem, it’s more important than ever to invest in building relationships with those journalists and media outlets that actually contribute to your business outcomes and growth.

Onclusive’s Author Intelligence™, ranked #2 with over 2 million journalists, bloggers, and influencers across the globe, is the only solution that allows you to identify authors and publications with the biggest impact on your business – driving the most website traffic, social amplification, brand interactions, and revenue. It allows you to not only develop compelling outreach strategies, but also create more impactful pitch lists and target media lists. With a powerful integration of media monitoring, measurement, PR analytics, media database and newswire distribution, Onclusive is the most complete platform in the business.

Download our summary of the full G2 Crowd report here, or request a demo of Onclusive’s solution to learn more about comprehensive media reporting and how it can help your company perform better in every aspect.