Benchmarks Report Shares Key Information on News Release Data



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At the 2019 PRSA International Conference, Business Wire, the global leader in news release distribution and regulatory disclosure, and Onclusive, the data science company for communications, reported results from the first-ever impact analysis of nearly 17,000 news releases on generating syndicated pick-up, editorial coverage and social media engagement. The study reveals benchmarks for average social media and news engagement of news releases, the optimal days and times to publish a news release to maximize social engagement and earned media articles as well as best practices for boosting news release performance with multimedia. In this, the first blog post breaking down the study findings, we will focus on key benchmarks shared. Follow our blog for future posts on timing of press and IR releases and tactics for optimizing your news releases. 

Earned media articles are what PR professionals hope their news releases and media outreach generate. The study found that the average number of follow-on earned media articles each news release produces is 10. Naturally that number varies based on company size and the content being shared, along with what other important news is being shared that day. 

As an example, a company like Apple sharing news of launching a new iPhone is likely to experience earned media articles into the thousands. That coverage is not typical for mid-size companies. It’s important to understand the average so that PR teams know where they are relative to the norm and can create realistic metrics to measure their results.

Today’s news space doesn’t just include editorial coverage, it includes syndicated versions of each release and coverage piece – that is, duplicated content pieces covered on multiple sites. These items are important in your PR mix because they expand the reach of your news. According to the study results, the average number of syndicates per release is 57. Again, this number will vary depending on factors like the company and how news-worthy the content is. 

Finally, the study also analyzed social media findings. Companies shared that the average number of Twitter engagements per news release was 23. That means that during the first seven days following the issuance of a release, brands could expect to see 23 tweets per release. 12% of releases did not experience any Twitter engagement. 

The study also took a deep dive into timing and ways to optimize releases for further visibility and greater engagement. In our next two blog posts, we’ll share specific numbers and tips on those topics, so be sure to subscribe so you receive this valuable information. For a more in-depth look at the robust findings of the report, download your own copy and share with your team.