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Get Your News with AP Planner

When it comes to securing coverage, timing can be crucial! Our AP Planner service gives you visibility over the complete news agenda over the next 12 months. We have a rich database of 120,000+ news items and events.

You are able to plan your communications and marketing campaigns around the current news and maximize the impact of your stories. As well as aligning your agenda with external chatter, you can ensure everyone internally has visibility of your corporate events and comms distribution.

In this episode we will talk about the importance of strategic planning for Comms and the evolution of our AP Planner product.

In this video blog series – Onclusive Clips – our thought leaders tackle the big questions taking root in our digital-first media world. We speak to seasoned PR & Media Monitoring experts to gain actionable insight into the main challenges faced by Comms professionals. We also use the space to shine a light on what we do and why we do it!

Gain insight into the media agenda at a global or even national level with our US forward planning service. This is made available through our collaboration with The Associated Press. Customize the level and type of content you can access to meet your specific planning requirements.

  • Search news and events by date, business, industry, event type, geography and more
  • Combine your own events and AP Planner items for a single view of upcoming activity
  • Custom APIs and feeds to deliver data straight to your internal planning tools
  • Use intuitive filter and alert functionality