How PRTech Can Pump Up Your 2016 PR Planning



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If you’re anything like us, you’re likely steeped in planning madness as the final weeks of 2015 come to a red and green infested close. In the midst of crafting strategies, brainstorming campaigns, and ideating stories, be sure to check out our recently refreshed PRTech Ecosystem.

My, how far we’ve come!

In just one year, we’ve seen explosive growth in some categories, the emergence of completely new sections, and an abundance of maturation and innovation rolled out by all. It’s an exciting time for the PRTech space and this is only the beginning of the journey.

Whether you’re planning, executing, or measuring, this deep list of tools can help with automation, optimization, productivity, granularity and more. Just remember that any tech should allow you to focus on what matters most: critical thinking, relationship building and storytelling.

Got another PRTech company you think should be included in our ecosystem? Shoot us a note or tweet at us!

We update this ecosystem once a quarter and welcome any and all peeps you think should be on our radar.


Some Things To Note

  • The PRTech ecosystem provides tools designed to assist PR every step of the way. Many of the companies play in a few different spaces but in this refresh, we focused on listing companies as they relate to their most viable product a.k.a. what they do better than anyone else. Be sure to get know everything everyone offers!
  • A special shoutout to all the PRTech companies who reached out via email, Twitter, carrier pigeon, etc. to let us know of the awesome work you’re doing. Making your voices known is the first step in showing off how much value we collectively bring to the table.
  • Another huge high five to our #PRpals at Prezly for their incredibly detailed overview of many of these tools on Not only is Prezly helping PR pros craft and push out beautiful, multimedia rich stories, they fundamentally challenge all of PR to think outside the press release box. Good stuff.