5 sites that will sharpen your storytelling skills



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One of the many hats a PR Engineer wears is that of storytelling. But between juggling data, gathering insights, managing relationships, and more, how are busy PR pros supposed to find time to stay both inspired and up to date on the latest and greatest in industry trends that inform compelling storytelling?

Let me make this easy on you! Here, I’ve gathered up a few of the sites and blogs that keep me sharp and feeling inspired so that all you have to do is sign up for their newsletters or follow them on social media to reap the rewards. You may not have time to read every article these sites send out, but you’ll be doing great if what you do consume gives you one or two takeaways a week that can positively inform your work.

Without further ado, I bring you 5 sites that will sharpen your storytelling skills.

1. Copyblogger

This blog is all about how to streamline your content creation, measure success, and storytell in a way that’s both authentic and branded. From how to spice up bland text to “The 5 Things Every (Great) Marketing Story Needs,” Copyblogger shares the ins and outs of words that work. The best part? The content is stripped dry of overused jargon. It’s straight-forward, quality content about well…content!

2. Brain Pickings

Created by writer Maria Popova this ad-free online digest is a delightful mix of thought-provoking essays, reflective works, and more. Read an article about the dynamics of workplace friendships (accompanied by storybook illustrations), or a poetic debate about science and art (sprinkled with stacks of inspiring pull-quotes). This online magazine and its newsletter are a feast for any content creator or creative type looking to redefine how they talk about or present a subject. It’s also the best way to start your Sunday, in my opinion.

brainpickings3. Percolate’s Blog

Not only will Percolate’s blog keep you on your toes when it comes to what’s happening in the content strategy world, but it will also keep your marketing skills sharp too (a benefit to all of those multi-hat wearers out there). Industry trend-laden articles about “Why Content Creation Will Make or Break Brands in 2016” to posts about the qualities SaaS companies need to succeed are examples of what you can expect from Percolate’s continually pumping blog. Regardless of the topic, the content is always well-researched and journalistically written.

4. Influence & Co.’s Knowledge Bank

If anyone “gets” content marketing, it’s the Influence & Co. team. Their Knowledge Bank is stuffed with useful, thought provoking, actionable content written specifically for the modern marketer. From posts on how to shrink your sales cycle with killer content to a library chock full of not to be missed whitepapers, Influence & Co. is a shining example of how being entertaining, engaging and educational really is the key to content success.

5. Gapingvoid

Think of cartoonist/author Hugh MacLeod’s blog as a happy place for professionals who both appreciate art and are seeking the occasional motivational nudge. Sign up for Gapingvoid’s newsletters for a daily dose of kooky cartoons accompanied by inspiring words — artwork that MacLeod describes as “Motivational art for smart people.” This content has a mission, practical purpose, and people are genuinely delighted by it. Can you ask for anything more?

gaping void innovation storytellingWhat’s your go-to industry blog or source for inspiration? Tell me if you love any of the above too, plus why you do! Tweet-tweet. → @AirPR