PR Hack: March Replay



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In case you were too busy last month doing one of the following…

#1 – tending to client antics

#2 – chasing journalists around

#3 – attempting to disconnect only to find that (ironically) a phone call or email you’ve been waiting for only comes through once you’ve decided to walk away from technology for two hours

#4 – getting your nails done

Don’t feel bad, release those feelings of FOMO, because we’ve got you covered.

In a world where very few things actually matter, yet we believe that we are required to read, filter, and digest every RSS feed, annoying Facebook post, and breaking news story, we bring you:

News you can use.” Or you can just read it and disregard it, but in the very least it will give you insights into high level trends and prime exemplars of PR at its best – and worst.

Happy information consumption…


Data Driven Marketing Landscape

  • Great insights from Cision’s SVP of Digital Content, Heidi Sullivan, during The Hub Convene on March 31, 2014:

“We need to shift the thinking from PR as a cost center to PR as a profit center. In the cost center model we are using AVEs, social media followers and a variety of ‘vanity metrics’ with no real data. In the profit center model, we correlate PR efforts with sales, revenue, and metrics that measure awareness and action.”

Well Heidi, we just couldn’t agree more. Soft sell, check out our Analyst product.

3 Winning PR Moves

  • Virgin America literally ups their coolness ante by offering exclusive Humphrey Slocombe ice cream flavors in first class cabins. Additionally, any traveler can score a free scoop by flashing their boarding pass at either HS location in San Francisco through June 30th. NOM.

Virgin American instagram


  • Following the government of Turkey’s attempted ban of Twitter, millions of users reacted with one of the most potent weapons available: humor. Take THAT, censorship!
  • Two entrepreneurs in New Orleans saw a “golden opportunity” to promote their new app during Mardi Gras this year. Though the subject matter is a bit gross, these guys totally get points for recognizing a market need and launching with serious context. That’s smart P(ee)R.

Is It Spin

PR really really don't

  • MasterCard pulled some seriously shaaaaaaady moves during the Brit Awards by asking journalists for specific deliverables in exchange for event attendance. Maybe they need to learn PR is about relationships, not bribery. 

In Case You Missed It

  • Gini Dietrich, one of our fave PR innovators, officially launched her book Spin Sucks. Check it out here and watch for our AirPR exclusive interview with her this month.


  •  During The Hub Convene Q&A with author and Altimeter Group Analyst, Brian Solis, PR Week’s editor Steve Barrett asked:

“What does leaning forward in PR mean?

To which Brian replied:

“It really comes down to content…understanding how important content is for the future of the industry. And also understanding that is has to be real time and engaging…and that you must make it human. We have to learn how to be empathetic towards the customer.”

Read something mind blowing or jaw dropping? Our PR engineer loves a good story: