How to Care for Your Key Customer: The Journalist



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If you own a local clothing store, listen to your customers: What do they want more of? What inventory do they overlook? How can you better delight and entice them to return week after week to see what’s new?

If you’re a public relations professional, listen to journalists: What do they want more of? Which pitches do they overlook? How can you better delight and entice them to return your emails so you can share what’s new?

Mom-and-pop shops develop loyal followings because of the personal relationships they build with customers over time. In PR, and specifically media outreach, journalists are the customers, and relationships nor interest develop without having the right inventory (stories) and style (tact) first.

This week, we’re taking a look back at our most popular journalist interviews to remind our own loyal following of what the customer wants: facts, data, and highly relevant, niche stories.

Fashion writer and media consultant Lorraine Sanders talks content, consulting, and creative collaboration in PR Advice From a Serial Journalist.

In How to Be a PR Hero, Entrepreneur Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer shells out advice on how to write quality contributed content, what makes a great source, and how to get journalists to like you — spoiler alert: email them less.

Lastly, as PR professionals and communicators responsible for amplifying brand narratives, we sometimes forget that journalists are artists. They write and want their work to make an impression on people. If your story happens to be something that can help them do that, fantastic.

In Journalists: It’s About Them, Not You, our outspoken CSO challenges public relations strategists to remember that the more they help support the work of the journalist, rather than try to backseat drive, the more fruitful the relationship will be. The bread and butter is when you successfully align your next piece of news with their next big, loved-by-many thing.