Startup PR: A 15 Minute Cram Session



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Since starting this blog, we’ve shared nearly 200 posts about why we’re adamant about data-driven decision making, how to optimize the heck out of your content, and what to make of industry trends, from brand publishing to Buzzfeed’s bold measurement strategy.

We’ve shared so much about how to optimize public relations strategies that we thought we’d dip into the AirPR Blog archives to share a few of our most helpful posts.

In-house teams, agencies, and consultants specializing in startup PR can benefit from these three posts, which you can read through in under 15 minutes! How’s that for efficiency?

So make use of that commute or coffee break and find something worth sharing with your team:

How Every Startup Needs to Think About PR

Our CSO Rebekah tees up a guest post by PR ace and Marked Point’s CEO, Jenn Hirsch, who lent her sage wisdom and expertise on how young companies need to approach PR.

7 PRTech Solutions Every PR Pro Needs

Yours truly shares a list of tools that will make your life as a startup public relations professional easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

Romancing the C-suite: How to Communicate Results That Resonate  

A reminder to make sure you’re presenting PR results in a way that resonates with your senior leaders, plus a “C-suite communications rule” we suggest you live by…

Enjoy these startup PR tips!


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