Subtle Shots of Storytelling



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I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling and the strength of tiny tales. Small stories are kind of like taking a shot of [insert your preferred booze type here]. It may be little, but man can it pack a punch!

In business, we tend to turn our attention to BIG stories: product launches, rebranding strategies, funding announcements. But what about all the other opportunities we have to communicate our narrative that go unsung?

If every touch point is an opportunity to tell our story, why should conventional components lack the creativity and character that go into product launches? Take this rock star example from Kentucky-based design and branding firm, Cornett.

Instead of a customary “About” page, Cornett posted collage pictures of their employees’ favorite possessions. The result? A captivating and stimulating collection of images that gives you an insight into the people who make up the company – more so than any company bio ever could.

It’s so charming. So cheeky. So relatable.

We all have outside influences that drive and inspire us. This peek under the proverbial hood allows current (and potential) clients to see their values, their interests, themselves in the DNA that makes up Corbett. How endearing!

Why not follow Corbett’s lead and capitalize on small, but powerful opportunities to teach customers more about who you are? By employing attention to detail and being playful, we demonstrate that we care. When people know you care, you cultivate lifelong advocates and fans.

Here are just a few suggestions of how to dole out some small shots of storytelling:

  • Create a memorable 404 page
  • Craft a Proust-esque Questionnaire each team member must fill out as the basis for their bio
  • Have the Google maps widget on your website also display your team’s top lunch and coffee spots near your office
  • Rotate links to suggested Spotify or Pandora playlist perfect for work day cranking

Let’s redefine the mundane and re-imagine the conventional. As my brilliant and wise colleague, Rebekah, stated a few weeks ago, “PR is not something we do…it’s something we are.”

Let’s show off who we are.

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