The Truth About Earned and Owned Media Attribution



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Understanding the facts about media attribution & the ROI of Growth PR

Many PR software companies claim to be able to measure the impact of Earned Media. Unfortunately, understanding what technologies can truly measure the ROI of your efforts can be confusing. Some companies that claim to have PR attribution only measure press releases and not earned media articles, while others use traffic panels that merely guesstimate the traffic coming back to your site.

On the other hand, AirPR focuses on the KPIs that matter to the C-suite.

Increasingly, CMOs and CEOs are looking for integrated marketing communications measurement. They want to see how efforts across Paid, Earned and Owned Media are impacting the bottom line and driving business results. PR is responsible for digital storytelling, Earned Media and, increasingly, Owned Media. These efforts are now part of an integrated measurement program that has clearly defined KPIs (key performance indicators.)

Here is a list of metrics and KPIs available from AirPR that are used to measure success for Earned and Owned Media:

  • Revenue attributed to Earned and Owned Media
  • Leads from Earned and Owned Media converted to customers
  • Identifiable visitors with interactions from Earned and Owned Media
  • Calls-to-action attributed to Earned and Owned Media
  • Website Traffic from Earned Media (both with backlinks and no backlinks)
  • Social Amplification of Earned and Owned Media
  • Owned Media Readership
  • Power of Voice
  • NEO (News Engine Optimization)

Growth PR starts with Business Indicators (like website traffic, social shares and readership) and ties those early indicators back to the sales funnel. Connecting the dots between key brand messages, PR and marketing activities that drive those messages, and the ultimate impact they have on business and revenue indicators is paramount to the future success of the practice of PR.

If communicators want to truly measure the impact of their efforts, understanding Growth PR-based attribution is paramount. Backed by five years of best practices and media attribution data, AirPR’s software is at the forefront of this radical evolution of PR measurement.

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